The Black Lab Story

The convergence of art and skilled craftsmanship

Black Lab Steel’s founder and master artist, B.F. Andersen grew up admiring art in just about any form he spotted it. However, it was a love of animation that motivated him to hone and refine his craft of drawing and sketching as a child. Unfortunately, by the time Andersen was entering college to study art in the early 2000’s, the animation industry was rapidly shifting from hand-drawn to 2D computer-generated.

While unsure of how he was going to proceed, Andersen was offered an opportunity to learn the ropes within the construction industry. He quickly found that he had a natural ability to build, and enjoyed working hard to achieve stellar visual results.

But, it would be over a decade later, and multiple journeys & struggles into different aspects of both art and construction before Black Lab Steel would be born.

Andersen found himself in the unique position of being both an artist, and a skilled builder. He refined his unique “art+build” skillset while leading production at a luxury custom wall art company in Southern California.

The culmination of these experiences eventually led to Black Lab Steel. Handcrafted, hand-welded, and never mass-produced.

art+build – it’s what’s Black Lab Steel was built upon.


Innovative Fine Art Combining:


Art + Build

Nothing mass-produced – everything handmade using innovative steel bending & welding techniques.

Blending unique skilled trades such as welding and carpentry with traditional art is what makes Black Lab Steel unlike any other. Black lab takes a concept from development to reality with great care and precision. We believe in the beauty of natural elements, and incorporate them into our innovations. All our projects are handcrafted by our master artist, B.F. Andersen. The client’s vision is the soul of each project.








The Mascot

Hagen, the Black Lab

Mascot & Chief Inspiration Officer