1. What options do I have when ordering my customized Black Lab Steel artwork? (pictures, concepts, ect)

All pieces must be at least 2-feet wide, by 2-feet tall. Most are much larger. We can create pretty much anything, and are always excited at the challenge of bringing your vision to life! However, since all Black Lab Steel artwork is made entirely of steel that is welded together by hand, every line must touch at least one other point on the piece. A floating element such as a mouth, nose, or eye will need to be modified to fit our process. 


2. How does pricing work at Black Lab Steel?

We price on a per-project basis. We take the following into consideration: The expected complexity, the project size, and material costs. 


3. How will my finished Black Lab Steel artwork arrive to my location? 

Completed projects will be shipped via UPS. Shipping costs will be added to the total project cost. If the customer is local to Black Lab Steel, other arrangements can be made for customer pick-up. 


4. How long will it take to complete my project? 

Depending on how complex your project is, the current order backlog, and your project's size; your lead time can be anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Rush completion options are available on a per-project basis, via an approved invoice from Black Lab Steel. 


5. How does the ordering process work? 

Once you've decided what you'd like your steel artwork to be, Black Lab Steel will review and refine your concept to fit our creation process. Any modifications that are needed will be drafted on a PDF, and emailed to you for your approval. This PDF will display how the steel artwork will look in it's completed form.

Once signed approval is obtained, your project invoice will be sent to you, and your project will be placed into BLS's project pipeline. You will receive update notifications during the creation process, at specific project milestones. 

These milestones are:

  1. Project Acceptance and Invoice Costs
  2. Project Begins
  3. Step 1 - Welding Completed
  4. Clean-up completed 
  5. Total completion - Ready to Ship. A photo of your completed artwork will be sent to you, along with your shipping invoice.


6. Is there a minimum size requirement? 

Yes. We are unable to create hand bent-steel less than 2-feet wide and 2-feet tall. At Black Lab Steel, we do not use the laser or plasma cutting strategies that most metal artists use. Every piece of our artwork is hand-bent, cut, and welded out of 1/2" x 3/16" flat bar steel.
If a customized piece of our metal art calls for sheet metal, is will only be used for aesthetic purposes, and is not the foundation of the piece. The sheet is then manually cut to fit, using hand tools.